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#67046 by dennisnorton
Tue Sep 08, 2015 3:24 am
I recently changed my displays and now the layer manager does not display.

How do I resynch for the layer manager. When I try opening the manager, datacad becomes frozen until I hit the esc key.
#67059 by REX PEET
Wed Sep 09, 2015 5:41 am
Try this: courtesy for Mark Toce, works a treat

Close all drawing files and then exit DataCAD. Open "Computer" and then go to the C:\DataCAD 17\Support Files\ folder. Double-click on "dcadwindialogs.gui" to open the file using Notepad. locate and delete the following section (your values will be different):

Buttons Left=1
Text Buttons=1

Save changes, exit the file, and then restart DataCAD. The Layer Manager will now open in the default position, at the center of your primary monitor.

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