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#67254 by igenatius
Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:01 am
The DataCad 16 manual Pg.482 give a description how to import the surveyors 'point file'. There seem to be a bit of a confusion what the format of this file should be.
This is what I received from the surveyor. I'm in the Southern Hemisphere therefore our system is Y,X,Z
This is the .txt file.(not all the points though)

Salmon :?
#67255 by Mark F. Madura
Wed Oct 07, 2015 8:41 am
DataCAD only supports decimal value point files, so you cannot use other Geographic or GPS coordinate system formats.

You'll need to convert your surveyor's data to decimal values, then indicate the scaling (i.e. 1 = 1 meter, based on your current Scale Type setting). The text file needs to be arranged in comma-delimited format so each row represents one Y, X, Z coordinate.

Code: Select all123.45, 543.21, 50.123
127.33, 547.99, 51.321
...and so on.

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