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#66313 by dmartens
Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:02 pm
We are currently running ver (PE) in our office. I know we need to update but right now the money just isn't there. Ran into a bug possibly and have never seen anything on the forum for this problem and I was wondering if maybe someone could recreate the problem with ver 17.

We have a plan file. in this file I created an xref layer. Inserted a self-xref on that layer. GTV link is on in the xref manager. Xclipped the xref for a part plan. Saved a GTV. Xclip the same self-xref for a second part plan in a different area. Saved a second GTV. Each GTV has 2 layers associated with them, the xref layer and a text layer.
I then went back to my 1st GTV, changed the layers I needed in the XR manager to create reflected clg plans, (just turned off misc layer and text), added a text layer and saved a GTV. Did the same thing for the 2nd GTV to create a 2nd reflected clg plan.
I then created an MSP sheet with a title block and the 2 part plans. Wanting to have the same layout for the reflected clg plans, I copied the sheet with the part plans to another sheet (in MSP) and was going to update the part plans to the reflected clg plans.
That is when I noticed that once I copied the part plans sheet to another sheet all the GTV links were broken for the part plans as well as the RCP's. The last xclip was the only one remembered. And the GTV link toggle was still on in the XRM. Very weird.
We had many part plans in this file and it took some time first to figure it out and then to fix it so I was hoping one of the DC experts will see if this is still the case in Ver 17. Many thanks for any help with this.
#66319 by Neil Blanchard
Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:30 pm
Hi Dan,

I think I understand what you did and why you did it. I think the GTV Link in the RFM is quite tricky, and I think if you set up the 4 GTV's and get the correct layers and X-Clips working, then you will be better off to use the Custom Insertion point in the MSP Layout to align the detail pans and detail RCP's the way you want to.

In other words, copying the MSP sheets may not be able to carry all these embedded properties, in reality. Custom insertion points (with or without the snap to grid function) will work more "directly", and avoids the snarled and tricky programming that you seem to have pushed a bit too hard.

Also, I have seen a bug in an earlier version of DataCAD with the GTV Link to layers in the RFM. The fall back is to set up a separate self reference for each of the 4 GTV's. I am pretty sure that bug is fixed in v17.
#66321 by dmartens
Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:05 pm
Thanks for the reply Neil. Not sure what embedded properties you are referring to when copying a MSP. I thought it would just make an exact copy of the sheet. My GTV links work just fine with just 1 xref for all the different part plans I need. That was a very nice improvement to DC. What I was wondering is in ver 17 does copying a MSP sheet mess up those links that were fine before the copy. That is the problem I was having in 15 and was just curious if that is still a problem in 17. Hope to get a little busier this year so we can upgrade to 17.

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