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#66930 by Clayton Taylor
Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:31 am
To all,

I've been using a different SHX font lately in my CAD plans as more clearer when printed small for Building Contractors on site. This Font is named:-
Arch 1. The font is quite wide, but not too wide, the main thing I do like about this Font is that is has a simple looking lower case 'a' unlike the one I just typed.

Anyway I was trying to find a similar font as a True-Type Font for use in SketchUp Pro, but try as I may, I just can't find one with that simple looking lower case ''a". See enclosed extract of a DC plan showing this font.

Over & out,
SHX FONT NAME = ARCH1.JPG (53.69 KiB) Viewed 3079 times
#66931 by Ted B
Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:12 pm
Several fonts sources; (mostly commercial fonts for purchase) (they have an "appearance" search-feature, some free, some require purchase) ... +7G+1QY+9Z

Some architectural fonts;

This is my office-standard; Draftsman ... tsman-ndp/ .
I use this in varying aspects depending on the printed size, and if all-caps or mixed-case. It's actually very-close to my own lettering when hand-drafting. I use this mixed with CHR light-chiseled and heavy-chiseled. Also, depending on the type of note or legend, I use either all-caps or mixed. Typically I use the keyboard cap-lock so that I can "drop-in" lower-case lettering for things like "at ____oc.", "dia.", "-degrees" and the "x" in 2x4; even if the rest of the note in in all-caps.

The same foundry has two similar;
Architect ... itect-ndp/
Designer ... igner-ndp/

For office correspondence, rather than the std. Times-Roman I use Goudy Old-Style for all correspondence and billing with old-style decending numerals. More recently I've been using for an old-fashioned typewriter-look for Project correspondence, Project Memos, etc...

"My Fonts" has hundreds of fonts of all types, and the prices are quite cheap if you just need a few.

If you want to look like Leonardo daVinci;
or Michelanglo;
#66938 by Robert Scott
Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:29 pm
I use TT fonts in DataCAD and settled on "Graphite Light" years ago.
Graphite Light.JPG
#66939 by Clayton Taylor
Wed Aug 12, 2015 3:41 am
Thanks Ted & Robert,

Great links to Font websites' Ted, in particular the 'IDENTIFONT one.'

The Arch-1 font I referred to in my vast list of SHX fonts is the same a ARCHQUIK, I think this is the more common name. So far I've not fond a TT matching font, but the GRAPHITE font Robert refers to, seems the nearest match as it has the lower case simple "a" style, which is the downfall of many that are virtually the same apart from this.

My initial "Fonting Query" was to find a font like ARCHQUIK in TT form for use in SketchUP Pro, I remember trying the TT GRAPHITE LIGHT font in SU, but for some reason the vertical strokes washes out, i.e. too light in SU. I'll re-visit this one again & try standard & heavier versions of TT GRAPHITE font, as this may be the end of the line on this subject..... unless......there's a software programme out there that can convert SHX fonts to TT font's.

On this subject, the font's that came with DataCAD, the ARWY2... set of SHX fonts did convert to TT when DataCAD was loaded ages ago on my PC, so why others that I've since added to my SHX list don't, is a mystery to me, but has me now intrigued..... :!:

Over & out,
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#66941 by Ted B
Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:53 am
The style of lower-case "a" you're looking for is often called an "italic a", though often since it's an italic it also has slant.

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