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#79254 by lemasci
Mon Jan 11, 2021 7:36 pm
I have reviewed the posts and responses and still I am confused! All the symbols are listed in the Symbols File, however when I try to open a file so it appears in the Symbol Browser, nothing appears.
I have tried to change the path to no avail. I have searched everywhere, and I am unable to get anything to work.
I open the Symbols File and subfolders appear. I select a subfolder and another sub file appears, indicating numerous DSF files.
When I select a specific DSF file an image appears in the window and I can select open and insert it in the drawing...WHY AM I UNABLE TO HAVE THE DSF FILES APPEAR IN THE SYMBOL BROWSER ?
There are two folders that do appear in the Browser under "Recent Folders." I think it is a path issue, however everything I have read about TEMPLATES and SYMBOLS is still not comprehendible.
Can someone PLEASE EXPLAIN once again?..I know this OLD stuff, but I clearly need some HELP!

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