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#68268 by David Porter
Thu Feb 18, 2016 4:58 pm
I have noticed over the past couple of weeks, that periodically when I go to double click on a drawing that I have a shortcut for on the desktop (Win. 7), DCAD tries to start but the screen then retains a gray screen with the DCAD start-up screen remaining gray and the little blue circle spins around on the screen showing that something is trying to open. But, nothing does and I have to click 'x' a few times to close it out. Happens with any drawing shortcut on the desktop. If I reboot the computer, that seems to fix the problem. If I double click on just DCAD to try to open it, the same thing happens and it won't open. Rebooting seems to be the only fix.

Anyone else experiencing this? Any clue what's going on with this and a fix?
#68275 by Mark Bell
Fri Feb 19, 2016 6:49 pm
Hi David,

Yes, I've had this on and off for a while (probably a year) and put it down to very low disk space (about 2-3GB left)?? In some instances I double click the DataCAD icon and get going then on closing the DataCAD logo from the earlier double click attempt is still on screen like it's stuck trying to load. A reboot fixes it.

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