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#69081 by BEMArchitect
Sat May 28, 2016 8:39 pm
I've just started the transition over to DC18 from DC10 in the last few months, and I've found that a function that is extremely helpful in DC10 does not work in DC18. In DC10 I can place my cursor on or near a line in the drawing, hit Alt I or Alt i (upper or lowercase ) and the cursor goes to that layer, changes to that color, and has the same attributes (dashed line, dotted line, text, etc.). This is extremely convenient and saves time, and my fingers are "trained" to do this now.

I would prefer not to learn a new keyboard pattern; I want the Alt I or Alt i to work in DC18 just like it does in DC10. How do I make that same function work in DC18?

Thanks in advance for your help......and the help you've given me in the past!
#69083 by joshhuggins
Sat May 28, 2016 11:13 pm
With Datacad closed, open up your dcadwin.mcr file (found in the Support Files folder) in notepad or another simple text editor and replace the line for I with the line shown below.


Save and close the file and start Datacad. Should be all set.
#69091 by Neil Blanchard
Mon May 30, 2016 8:29 am
If you have your old DcadWin.mcr file, you can copy some/most of it to the new file - Offset changed, as did Polyline Edit, and maybe a few others. Most have stayed the same, so you certainly can have ALL of what you were used to in DataCAD 10 in DataCAD 18 - along with some new tools that you may find very useful.

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