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#69612 by joshhuggins
Tue Aug 09, 2016 3:31 pm
I was reading the manual and came across this section on page 73.
You cannot redefine the four standard line types (solid, dashed, dotted, and dot-dash) . These line types do not appear in the Line Type Manager. You can set the default attributes of these line types in the current drawing (or default drawing) only, but you cannot change the external definition.
Does that mean we can set the default spacing for these linetypes within a default drawing somehow? They always reset to either 5" or 1' every time I switch to those linetypes. I would like to have all 4 of them default to 6" spacing if possible. Is it possible?
#69613 by Ted B
Tue Aug 09, 2016 11:40 pm
I have "standard default drawings" in my "Master Ref" directory. The base-file I started-with was a 'new drawing' with just one layer, dashed set at spacing-5", and the layer properties (grid, snap, osnap, etc... plus the pen-tables, plotter settings and scale-type and dimension units) set to my typical values. Then I created my standard layers and settings for typical site-plan work, 1/8"-scale plans, details etc. The only linetypes I typically use beyond the standard 4 are centerline, propline and treeline.*

I have found with Windows-10 Upgrade that I had to redefine my office-standard pen-table pen-thicknesses for some reason.

[i]* - In the Philly-area architectural studios, dashed lines have been called "dotted" for generations.
Never have found a decent used for the actual-dotted linetype in CAD drafting. And dash-dot isn't as distinct as centerline on paper; the "dot" gets lost./i]
#69636 by Ted B
Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:13 pm
Inspired by my post above, I've "found" a use for the DOTTED line-type; the linework in Xrefs-backrounds for demolition or proposed work.

For years I have used a thin dashed-lines or solid-lines for Xrefs backgrounds. I tried DOTTED instead for a "screened 25%" appearance instead. It stands out and is actually more 'snap'-able for new work, yet it fades into the background more subtly than the DASHED.

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