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#69692 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Aug 29, 2016 9:50 am

I usually use Steel Pro for W section, and other rolled sections. I just tried it for a bar joist - I set the depth to 10" and the bearing to 2 1/2". The resulting output has the bearing at 2 17/32" and the total depth at 11 1/4" - which is very confusing.
#69697 by joshhuggins
Mon Aug 29, 2016 11:32 am
Hi Neil, I input the same values and my overall height was 11-1/4" also, but my bearing was correct at 2-1/2". I tried Rel. Cart. and Dir. Dist. with the same results. I found that 10" shows up as the distance between the one edge of the angle to the the start of the opposite. I don't work that type of joist system much so I couldn't tell you if it actually worked correctly in the past or not. Maybe something in the macro used to reference something like mirroring the profile of the angle for the top and bottom chords and something in Datacad has changed causing the draw point to be at the wrong side of the profile or something? Who knows. I think Datacad has the rights to the macro now so maybe Dave can peek at it? I tested a 12" joist with the same result. Would be nice if we could pick the section to be used for the top and bottom chords.
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#69698 by Neil Blanchard
Mon Aug 29, 2016 1:35 pm
Thanks Josh, for checking.

I compared this to the bar joist symbols we have available, and those have the total depth of the joist correct. As I understand bar joists, they have standard depths and weights, so the macro could be set up just like it is for all the other steel items it draws. I needed to draw the 10K1 joist, which is the smallest standard size, apparently.

Here's all the standard sizes:


10″ Deep Steel Joist: 10K1 (NOTE: 8K1 joists no longer listed by SJI)

12″ Deep Steel Joist: 12K1, 12K3, 12K5

14″ Deep Steel Joist: 14K1, 14K3, 14K4, 14K6

16″ Deep Steel Joist: 16K2, 16K3, 16K4, 16K5, 16K6, 16K7, 16K9

18″ Deep Steel Joist: 18K3, 18K4, 18K5, 18K6, 18K7, 18K9, 18K10

20″ Deep Steel Joist: 20K3, 20K4, 20K5, 20K6, 20K7, 20K9, 20K10

22″ Deep Steel Joist: 22K4, 22K5, 22K6, 22K7, 22K9, 22K10, 22K11

24″ Deep Steel Joist: 24K4, 24K5, 24K6, 24K7, 24K8, 24K9, 24K10, 24K12

26″ Deep Steel Joist: 26K5, 26K6, 26K7, 26K8, 26K9, 26K10, 26K12

28″ Deep Steel Joist: 28K6, 28K7, 28K8, 28K9, 28K10, 28K12

30″ Deep Steel Joist: 30K7, 30K8, 30K9, 30K10, 30K11, 30K12


10″ Deep Steel Joist: 10KCS1, 10KCS2, 10KCS3

12″ Deep Steel Joist: 12KCS1, 12KCS2, 12KCS3

14″ Deep Steel Joist: 14KCS1, 14KCS2, 14KCS3

16″ Deep Steel Joist: 16KCS2, 16KCS3, 16KCS4, 16KCS5

18″ Deep Steel Joist: 18KCS2, 18KCS3, 18KCS4, 18KCS5

20″ Deep Steel Joist: 20KCS2, 20KCS3, 20KCS4, 20KCS5

22″ Deep Steel Joist: 22KCS2, 22KCS3, 22KCS4, 22KCS5

24″ Deep Steel Joist: 24KCS2, 24KCS3, 24KCS4, 24KCS5

26″ Deep Steel Joist: 26KCS2, 26KCS3, 26KCS4, 26KCS5

28″ Deep Steel Joist: 28KCS2, 28KCS3, 28KCS4, 28KCS5

30″ Deep Steel Joist: 30KCS3, 30KCS4, 30KCS5


18″ Deep Steel Joist: 18LH02, 18LH03, 18LH04, 18LH05, 18LH06, 18LH07, 18LH08, 18LH09

20″ Deep Steel Joist: 20LH02, 20LH03, 20LH04, 20LH05, 20LH06, 20LH07, 20LH08, 20LH09, 20LH10

24″ Deep Steel Joist: 24LH03, 24LH04, 24LH05, 24LH06, 24LH07, 24LH08, 24LH09, 24LH10, 24LH11

28″ Deep Steel Joist: 28LH05, 28LH06, 28LH07, 28LH08, 28LH09, 28LH10, 28LH11, 28LH12, 28LH13

32″ Deep Steel Joist: 32LH06, 32LH07, 32LH08, 32LH09, 32LH10, 32LH11, 32LH12, 32LH13, 32LH14, 32LH15

36″ Deep Steel Joist: 36LH07, 36LH08, 36LH09, 36LH10, 36LH11, 36LH12, 36LH13, 36LH14, 36LH15

40″ Deep Steel Joist: 40LH08, 40LH09, 40LH10, 40LH11, 40LH12, 40LH13, 40LH14, 40LH15, 40LH16

44″ Deep Steel Joist: 44LH09, 44LH10, 44LH11, 44LH12, 44LH13, 44LH14, 44LH15, 44LH16, 44LH17

48″ Deep Steel Joist: 48LH10, 48LH11, 48LH12, 48LH13, 48LH14, 48LH15, 48LH16, 48LH17


52″ Deep Steel Joist: 52DLH10, 52DLH11, 52DLH12, 52DLH13, 52DLH14, 52DLH15, 52DLH16, 52DLH17

56″ Deep Steel Joist: 56DLH11, 56DLH12, 56DLH13, 56DLH14, 56DLH15, 56DLH16, 56DLH17

60″ Deep Steel Joist: 60DLH12, 60DLH13, 60DLH14, 60DLH15, 60DLH16, 60DLH17, 60DLH18

64″ Deep Steel Joist: 64DLH12, 64DLH13, 64DLH14, 64DLH15, 64DLH16, 64DLH17, 64DLH18

68″ Deep Steel Joist: 68DLH13, 68DLH14, 68DLH15, 68DLH16, 68DLH17, 68DLH18, 68DLH19

72″ Deep Steel Joist: 72DLH14, 72DLH15, 72DLH16, 72DLH17, 72DLH18, 72DLH19

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