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#70141 by DBrennfoerder
Thu Nov 03, 2016 2:23 pm
I'd like a quick review of save procedures. I know it was clarified years ago, but I'm foggy now.
Does the most recent save bump each other down one level? Like the current active file becomes .aec, and the curent .aec becomes .dbk, that file becomes session (5) if 5 is chosen, that becomes (4), and on down, with (1) being written over.
It looks like if I hit save several times a day during work, 7 saves would put all of them up to very near current. But when I look as sessions for a file I was working on in August, dates are 8/30, 8/19, 8/2, 7/20, and 7/14, even though I probably worked on that file daily during that period.
More recently, a file that I've been in daily for the last week has only 2 sessions dated 11/1 and 10/28. There is a weekend there, but I'm sure I was in it on 10/31 also, and saved more than 4 times (aec, dbk, (2), and (1)).
It seems like every save, even the auto saves, should bump all down 1 notch to the max sessions chosen.
Please clarify.

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