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DC18-can't run message - HELP - (sorted at last)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:34 pm
by Clayton Taylor
To all,

DC18-can't run message - HELP.... :cry:

This is an odd one, I got the above message today so am wondering what caused this. Although I didn't renew my DC18 Subscription Edition this year to DC19, running my DC18 should be o.k; am I mistaken ?
I know it was working last Wednesday & I seem to also remember it telling me an update was available to download.... 18.something.... so thought this would be o.k. as not DC19. I'm now thinking perhaps not, however all did seem to work o.k. on that day after the update, but not used it since.

I'm not too sure if any other software would affect this, but I did upgrade to SU-Pro-2018 a few days ago.

Therefore any thoughts on what to do to get DC running again would be most appreciated.

Over & out,

Ps. I just checked my control panel under program's & the update was version 18.04.01
PPS. I thought it best to uninstall & reinstall, however more error messages on this, so thought a reinstall over current version. All seemed to install ok but then got another error message. Am now stuck as still won't uninstall..grrrr
PPPS. Sorted at last, it seems my BULL GUARD firewall dog got too hungry & didn't allow a full install, something called a 'false-positive' & sent some files to quarantine :D :D :D :D