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#74321 by mijenix
Wed Jul 11, 2018 12:35 pm
I have started using the Muti-View windows to make it easier to switch between GotoViews past 0 and I find it to be very helpful. I have run into a bit of an issue, lets say I use the shift +4 keys to take me to my 1st floor gotoview and then I use the Multiview window to take me to gotoview 12 which may be my exterior elevations. This works fine but I have noticed that if I click on the gotoview tab in my datacad menu it still says that I am on my 1st floor gotoview. Am I missing something?
#74323 by joshhuggins
Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:25 pm
Multiview windows (MW) do not change Go-To-Views (GTV) they just toggle layers on/off and move the screen to the position it was at when the multi-window was updated. I think of both GTVs & MWs as kind of a jump to a view and once you are there, their work is done. The GTV list just keeps the highlight in the list just to kind of give you a reference to what the last GTV that was used was. MWs do not have a way to show you they were the last used. MWs are more for showing you a different view point as a visual reference while you are working in the main drawing area that happen to allow you to jump to that view if you need to.

Hope that kind of helps explain the differences a bit.

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