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#74940 by BEMArchitect
Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:13 am
A few more questions:
1. Is there a way to move a item to a layer without going back to the layer menu and selecting the layer to move to? For instance, I would like to move a line to another layer, but instead of going to the layer menu and selecting the layer to move to, can you just pick a line that is on the layer you want to move to? If so, how?
2. I've figured out how to open my "old" templates/symbols that I have from DC10, but DC18 doesn't allow me to "reload" a symbol. I don't have the time to rework 100s of symbols into this new Symbol Browser, so I'm using templates/symbols the old way, which worked fine for me. To the question; If I have the template menu open and I right click on a symbol a menu comes up that allows me to "redefine" or "edit fields", but no "reload". The "reload" option is there but "faded" so it cant be picked. Is there a way to "reload"?
3. Any way to get the lines in a drawing to display clear and crisp; they look "fat" and "fuzzy"? I've tried the steps that were posted by Mark MaduraAug. 30 2014 (Customizing DataCADs Interface for hi-Rez Displays). Nothing worked for me.
4. When I open up a drawing created in DC10 the text aspect ratio appears to have changed, making the text extend out of the title block boundary. I check the aspect ratio and it was the same as DC10, but it is displaying and printing totally different in DC18. What's going on and how to fix? Shouldn't everything display the same in DC18 if created in DC10? Granted I am using a newer computer and hi-resolution screen.
#74944 by Roger D
Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:48 pm
1. Mover to layer, can also be done by double clicking on the entity, and a property dialog should pop up. you can then change many settings, including layer. If it doesn't come up, try a ctrl-right click on it, or open Tools/Program Preferences, and bottom of the misc or interface tabe, check the box for double clicks.

another option, if you are on the layer you want the item to be on, Alt-K for lnks group will bring it to that layer.

2. Is the symbol alread placed in the drawing? If not, it has to be in the drawing in order to reload.

3. not sure on fuzzy lines. make sure the screen is at default settings in windows?

4. not sure
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#74983 by dmartens
Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:30 pm
In ver 15 you don't even have to pick match. After move, to layer, just select the item on the layer you want to move things to and presto!

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