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#80416 by boereboere
Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:01 pm
Something went wrong and I am unable to enter x and y distances from my keyboard. This is after I accidentally hit the sunshader menu. I am now back in my menuse but cannot locate the option of entering idstances. All I get is an option to ad or subtract, and I have no clue how that works. I would just like the basic maual enter x distance, space and then then enter y distance. I cannot locat where to change this in the menuse. Help please! Unablet to do any work. Also tried opening other drawings and they default back to this disaster. Thanks Pierre
#80418 by Roger D
Mon Nov 29, 2021 4:59 pm
usually it's hit the space bar, then enter numbers.
Might look in the Program Preferences, Drawing Tab, and see if the Distance Input for Number keys is turned on.
have you tried exiting the program, rebooting the machine?

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