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#74538 by joshhuggins
Tue Aug 14, 2018 4:03 pm
I normally always use Fixed Ratio for my inserted bitmaps, but a while back I updated a product detail sheet with a new bitmap and decided to turn off Fixed Ratio to fill the sheet since it was just general info and nothing that would really matter for scale or the skew on it. So I swapped out the image and went on to the rest of my drawing.

I inserted the image without Fixed Ratio, unknown to me at the time, the processing needed to adjust the large image's ratio was really heavy and slowed down the drawings display refresh a ton. It also was doing something my PDF XChange Printer driver did not like and the would not output to PDF. I originally thought it might be because my image/resolution was too large so I tried all kinds of ways to reduces it's size and nothing seemed to make a difference and the quality was getting down below acceptable levels. While doing all of my edits to the image I had never reinserted the image, just closed the drawing and reopened it to clear Datacad's bitmap cache of the image. So I finally erased the bitmap in Datacad and reinserted it with Fixed Ratio on and I noticed the difference in the space between the image and my border and the light bulb clicked on :idea: I restored the original updated image and inserted that with Fixed Ratio on and it printed and processed nice and quick. Inserted it with Fixed Ratio off and it was slow and would not output again.

Long story short, stick with Fixed Ratio. :wink:
#74548 by Mark Bell
Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:51 am
Thanks Josh - all this trivia feedback helps. Another 'discovery' I made the other day was to insert BMP's instead of the much smaller JPG's and to my surprise the output PDF with BMP images was a lot smaller than if using JPG's! Needs further testing to validate but may be a welcome method to lowering PDF size where images are included?

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