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#49935 by joshhuggins
Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:58 pm
In case you didn't get the most recent newsletter, here are the contents about the current sale for X3 which ends Tuesday 8/31/2010. If you've been on the fence now is the time order!

~ Newsletter announcement below ~

Attention Early Adopters:
Save $100 USD on new DataCAD X3
when you order before 8/31/2010

Special offer to U.S. Residents Expires 8/31/2010
( If you reside outside the U.S., please contact your local dealer. )

Dear Registered DataCAD User:

This latest upgrade allows you to set it, and forget it (well, almost).

Set It and Forget It
DataCAD X3 introduces new scale-independent and view-dependent settings for text, arrows, and symbols so these items can update automatically whenever you need to change the scale of your drawing.

Contract documents come in many shapes and sizes. As a designer you need to present floor plans, elevations, and details for various purposes. The format, scale, and level of detail in your drawings needs to vary accordingly. Each time you change the scale of your drawing, elements such as text and arrows need to be resized so they are legible on paper. In other words, they always need to plot 1/8" high, regardless of plot scale. DataCAD X3 can do this for you automatically.

With DataCAD X3 you can also control the level of detail that appears in symbols when they are viewed or printed at various scales. You can even control which layers display in 2D and/or in 3D views. This allows you to place a single detail in your drawing that will display and print hatching at 3" scale, but not at 1/4" scale. A symbol of a chair can appear as a simple rectangle in plan and completely 3D in a perspective or rendered view. We've included more than 1,100 2D/3D symbols with DataCAD X3 and you can use your existing libraries to create your own.

We've eliminated the need for manual updates in other areas of DataCAD X3 as well. You can now link multi-scale plotting details to GoTo Views so the detail will update automatically whenever you update the corresponding GoTo View. XREF layers can be turned on or off based on GoTo Views. So you can use a single XREF in multiple views. You can lock the angle of text in symbols so it will still be readable after you rotate the symbol.

I’m confident new DataCAD X3 will provide a boost to your production drawing efficiency.

In addition, here are some of the DataCAD X3 new feature highlights …

:idea: Sun Shader
An all-new, OpenGL®-based Sun Shader provides you with sun angles and shadows based on location, date, and time. A three-dimensional representation of the sun path from sunrise to sunset can also be displayed around your model for illustrative purposes. An animation toolbar allows you to see shadows cast from sunrise to sunset using a play/pause interface. You can also apply a color tint to shadows to differentiate before and after conditions. The current view can be saved to an image file in resolutions up to 4096 pixels or higher depending on your display adapter.

:idea: SketchUp 7 File Import
DataCAD X3 provides direct support for SketchUp 7 files.

:idea: Object Viewer Enhancements
A number of new toolbars and a set of pull-down menus have been added to the Object Viewer interface to improve ease of navigation and provide quick access to frequently-used options. In addition, the Object Viewer now supports saved views, similar to GoTo Views in DataCAD.

:idea: Persistent Layer Manager
The Layer Manager can now remain open while you are working in DataCAD. When you turn layers on and off, the result is shown immediately in the drawing.

:arrow: Smart Arrows
In addition to the standard, built-in arrow styles, you can now define your own symbol-based arrow heads. Smart Arrow leaders are polyline-based so they can be curved. The printed size of arrow heads can be locked so they always appear the same size, regardless of plot scale. When you stretch a smart arrow, the arrow head orientation is updated automatically based on the new angle of the leader.

:idea: Smart Symbols
You can now assign view and/or scale dependency to layers inside symbols. A symbol may contain layers which only display in plan, layers which display only in three-dimensional views, or layers which always display. In addition to being view dependent, symbol layers may also be scale dependent. This allows you to assign minimum and maximum scales at which symbol layers will be shown.

:idea: With DataCAD X3, you can use the same detail at multiple scales. At larger scales, you can display and print more information such as material thicknesses and hatching. At smaller scales, you can choose to show a simpler outline without hatching. You can merge your 2D and 3D symbols so one instance can serve multiple purposes; 2D plan, 3D wireframe, and rendered views.

:idea: Scale-independent Text
The size of text entities can be locked so they always appear the same size, regardless of plot scale. This allows you to plot a particular drawing in a range of several scales without having to edit the size of each text entity. Text entities with this property enabled will automatically change their height accordingly based on the current plot scale.

:idea: XREF Enhancements
XREFs have been enhanced so you can control the on/off state of their layers based on GoTo Views in the host file. When this option is enabled, DataCAD will save and recall the on/off state of XREF layers when you save or recall a GoTo View.

:idea: A new Hide option has been added to the XREF context menu. When you enable this option, DataCAD will perform a hidden-line removal on the selected XREF and store the results as a symbol. The XREF is automatically replaced with the symbol based on the current view projection. You can select "Update Hide" to update the hidden line image based on any changes you have made. You can also choose to "Unhide" the XREF to restore it to its original representation.

:idea: XClips and SClips that are defined in nested XREFs can now be merged with the parent XREF. When this option is enabled, the top-level XClip will take precedence over nested XClips and SClips.

:idea: GoTo View Enhancements
A new Hide option, available in the Hide menu, allows you to create hidden-line symbols based on GoTo Views.

:idea: Polyline Enhancements
Polylines created via the 2D Curves menu may now be rotated off the ground plane. You can use the 3D Rotate command to rotate them about the X, Y, or Z axis. You can also create them in any parallel view projection. A new Push/Pull option has been added to the Polyline, Edit menu so you can dynamically stretch the top or bottom of a polyline.

:idea: Multi-View Window Enhancements
Multi-View Windows now support custom names. Their names are saved on a per-drawing basis, so they may be unique from one drawing to another.

:idea: Multi-scale Plotting Enhancements
Details you create based on GoTo Views can now be "linked" to the GoTo View. Changes you make to the GoTo View will apply to the detail as well.

:idea: Bézier and B-Spline Enhancements
Bézier and B-Spline curves may now have up to 20 control points instead of only 8. In addition, you may now apply a Z-Height in order to extrude them for 3D purposes.

:!: Please see the What's New in DataCAD X3? page for more information about new DataCAD X3.

Thank you for supporting DATACAD,

Mark F. Madura

P.S. Thanks to all of you who have already ordered your copy of DataCAD X3. We greatly appreciate your continued support.

For more information about the enhancements to DataCAD X3:

To compare DataCAD X3 with versions of DataCAD:

To reserve your copy of DataCAD X3 today:

To take DataCAD X3 for a test drive:

Do you require further assistance?
If you need more help, you can call our sales department at (800) 394-2231, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.

DataCAD X3 Pricing:
Promotional pricing valid through 8/31/2010
This upgrade offer does not apply to DataCAD LT.
However, if you own DataCAD LT, you can purchase
a First License for $995.00 USD ( Save $300 ).

DCDR-1300 DataCAD X3 Upgrade License for DataCAD 12 -- $295 USD
Save $100 (Normally $395.00 USD)
Upgrade for DataCAD 12 -- If you own a DataCAD 12 license, you can purchase a DataCAD X3 Upgrade License for only $295 USD.
(A DataCAD 12 serial number is required for each DataCAD X3 Upgrade License you order.)

DCDU-1300 DataCAD X3 Upgrade License for DataCAD 5 - 11 -- $395 USD
Save $100 (Normally $495.00 USD)
Upgrade for Version 5 - 11 -- If you own a DataCAD 5 - 11 license, you can purchase a DataCAD X3 Upgrade License for only $395 USD.
(A DataCAD 5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9, 10, or 11 serial number is required for each DataCAD X3 Upgrade License you order.)

DCDA-1300 DataCAD X3 Additional License -- $395 USD
Save $100 (Normally $495.00 USD)
Additional License -- If you own a DataCAD X3 license, you can purchase Additional Licenses of DataCAD X3 for only $395 USD.

DCDF-1300 DataCAD X3 First License -- $1,195 USD
Save $100 (Normally $1,295.00 USD)
First License -- If you don't yet own a copy of DataCAD, purchase the DataCAD X3 First License.

Money-Back Guarantee
These items are backed by a 45-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our product, we'll refund your money. Just call one of our customer service representatives within 45 days of purchase to receive an authorization code to return your software for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.
#50722 by MtnArch
Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:46 am
I checked last week and found that I had one last V12 license available to upgrade to X3 - and that with the last 2010 quarter special I can upgrade it for $295 (plus shipping).

If you haven't upgraded (even from V2) ... do it as soon as possible! It really is worth every penny! And with $100 off the main ("original") cost, it makes VERY smart business sense!

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