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#53514 by Nick Pyner
Sat Jun 18, 2011 9:48 pm
I think Simply 3D is a bit of a kiddie programme but it does a better job for photomontage than Visual Reality. Apart from VR's shadows angst, which now seems to vary according to the size of the job, I think S3D enables easier colour matching by dipping the originals with the eyedropper and noting the windows RGB numbers.

The biggest frustration is that it is so hard to fix a mistake in the model. VR locates everything about abs zero but who gets a model right first time? and, if you try any subsequent fix in S3D, that stuff goes in located around its own centre of gravity. As a consequence, if you make a mistake in DataCad, you have to start from scratch in S3D.

I believe a way around this is to draw a box around the entire model, put 3D markers at the eight corners and then copy the markers to every relevant layer. These makers then determine the position of the layers in S3D when you do a repair.


Gawd I hope so.....
#53735 by Nick Pyner
Fri Jul 15, 2011 9:11 am
It does work......

It not only helps control unruly layers but also helps to check that additional material is kept to the same scale and position - of which there appears to be no guarantee. It turns out that this job was not a montage after all but the corrugations are real and thus this was not a job for mapped shadows. I originally used eight spheres but that was a really bad idea and in the end I used 150mm cubes instead.
There go those kids on their bikes - again....
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