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#62168 by John Daglish
Fri Nov 01, 2013 9:54 am
In Windows XP it was possible to add a file description, such that when you hovered over the file name a user edited description was displayed, as well as file name, type and size.

In Windows 7 this possabilty was removed.

This is still possible with some file types such as .jpg as the information can be embedded as metadata which windows 7 will read and display when you hover over the file name. It is also visible in the Details file window in explorer (you may have to select the attribute).

Would it be possible to add a user editable metadata file description to the aec file type that is visible in windows 7/8 ? Obviously not too long to hide virus, etc. Or perhaps this allready exists but I did not find that Drawing Information info is visible.

I did find a piece of software that will add this data but the data will not survive email,...
It seems kosher but if anyone has further ideas...


John Daglish

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