Found a hidden feature or want to share a time-saving shortcut? Let us all know...
#62392 by MtnArch
Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:33 pm
This is the way that SU imports DWG/DXF. You'll have to explode/ungroup it after you import it into SU - though someone (Bob Scott, hint, hint) may chime in who knows MUCH more about it than I.
#62393 by Robert Scott
Thu Nov 14, 2013 1:25 am
Have you tried exporting from Datacad as a SKP file? Is the behavior different?
"Grouping" is actually a feature you can use to your advantage. While I don't entirely model in DataCAD I will model sites and roofs at times and bring those in as group to "protect" them for sticking to the rest of the Sketchup model.

#62500 by Ted B
Sun Nov 24, 2013 10:11 pm
The author of "Sketchup for Dummies" recommends using 'groups' in a manner similar to CAD's layers to separate and protect previous work...rather than layers themselves. He recommends keeping all the 'linework' (edges and faces) on layer-0 and using groups, scenes and section-cuts to order and access the images and views you need.

I've always used the more conventional CAD layering-concept in Sketchup somewhat-unsuccessfully, so his comment was a bit of a revelation.

one-click selects the face or edge,
a dbl-click selects the face and it's edges,
three-clicks selects the edges and faces attached to that face or group.
#62519 by David Porter
Tue Nov 26, 2013 5:04 pm
I think you mean that it imports as an overall single element rather than a single layer? When I import DCAD models into SU, I always use DXF. The model imports as a single "component." I rather prefer that. In SU, if you left click on the model, it should highlight a blue box outline around the entire model. If you then right click, then click on "edit component." The blue box outline then goes away and you can separately edit the model, add materials, people, furniture, and anything else you want to the model.

I like this method because the DCAD model then remains a single component. If I need to make design changes to the DCAD model, I can import the DXF layers again and override the original model and it then replaces the DCAD model. I think it also wipes out all of the colors and materials that were inserted with the first model but many times I found it is faster to add in those entourage elements than it would have been to try and surgically edit the SU model to show the design changes.
#62520 by Robert Scott
Tue Nov 26, 2013 6:17 pm
Grouping is paramount to success in doubt that when you grasp the concept that it's layers do not function like CAD you'll be miles ahead. It took me a long time to "get" this...had to totally retrain my brain after 12 years of CAD layers.

Side note: I'm finding my "cleanest" transfers are by 3DS.


#63925 by Ted B
Sat May 03, 2014 9:03 pm
After using Sketchup rather naively from a CAD background for years...I strongly indorse reading Sketchup for Dummies; it was a revelation once you understand SU's design-philosophy using "groups" instead of CAD's "layers". "Groups" of "groups" is so-powerful once you change your world-view from CAD-thinking. Much more than just layers and components.

Also there are some wonderful Youtube tutorials on Sketchup and SU-Layout that may change you thinking on how important an adjunct Sketchup is to Datacad.
#64836 by Ted B
Sat Sep 13, 2014 10:15 pm
I recently attended a all-day seminar on using Sketchup, and upgraded so that I could experiment with SU2014pro-Layout to streamline certain design-to-construction document issues.
While understanding that "groups" are the key to using Sketchup was a revelation, certain aspects of Layout I'm having a harder time adjusting to after years of using Sketchup rather naively from a CAD/Datacad background. Having to relearn to think in "Paperspace inches" and "Points" has it's inherent hurdles. Several conversion charts on 4x6 index cards as cheat-sheets definitely help.

One important work-flow change that I'm wrestling-with is my usual work-mode of step-archiving the live CAD-files. For years I have save'd, then "save as" with the NEW renamed file as the now-current working file -- and the "saved file" as the archive work-point. With the Sketchup, Layout and Datacad files interlinked, I may have to rethink my file-and-folder methods so the original files REMAIN the live current files -- and the archive way-point files have unique names using "save copy as". This requires some additional thought....

One thing that I don't see changing is using the .PDF "virtual printer" for on-paper submittals and e-mail distributions that double as archive-reference sketches and construction-documentation. Those I already have a separate naming nomenclature-for.

I deal with a lot of non-construction industry-types and "civilians" who just don't understand traditional construction-docs and "blueprints". And while for over 15-years I've been using 11x17" paper as my document-size of choice, I'm increasingly dealing with more and more drawings are being e-mailed to people who don't even have 11x17" printer-capability. Making concise "documents" that are more graphic and less technical seems to be the trend.

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