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#66240 by joshhuggins
Wed Apr 08, 2015 12:19 pm
We use Autodesk's Trueview program to view & print DWG files we get from clients so we can see what the file should look like and compare that with what we get when we import into Datacad. We do not always get all the associated Xref files and we can end up with a huge block of text showing the path of the missing xref. When you go to print from Trueview these paths also print, mudding up the print. There is a apparently no way to turn them off as far as I could find other than turning off the layer the xref lives on, but if other entities are on the same layer you would be missing that information also so that's not really a option. The cheap trick is if you just create a blank file in Datacad, export that to a DWG file with the same name as the missing xref file and put that in the same location as the main DWG file you are opening Trueview will load that blank DWG file in place of the actual missing file and will no longer display the file path across the drawing space leaving you able to make nice clean prints.
#71262 by artmanvt2000
Wed Apr 19, 2017 9:01 am
That is a neat tip. We ALWAYS require that a pdf file is sent as well. I have had it happen to many times were entities are lost in translation.

Trueview is also great for converting the files to older format and converting AEC objects. Sometimes some of 3D object get lost when converting the dwg file to Datacad format.

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