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ID + Set All + Group = Happy Camper

PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:59 pm
by joshhuggins
Normally when I would go to Group entities together using Alt+K, I would often forget that the entities would all be moved to the current active layer which may not be where I want them to live. My cheap trick is that I modified Alt+K to include the handy Identify+Set All code so now when I want to do a Group, I place my cursor over the first primary entity (which usually is on the correct layer I would want the group to live on) and hit Alt+K and it sets the active layer first to match that entity and then goes to the Group menu and selects that first entity and then is ready to select additional entities to add to the group next.

Code: Select all// Link

The code could be adjusted to only set the Active Layer and not match all of the properties of the selected entity by changing the S8 to F2, but I think I prefer to have it set all of the properties.