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#33228 by joshhuggins
Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:21 pm
Updated 200 & 400 Series of Andersen Windows in DSF format.
Note: Does not include Narrowline or Art Glass Products.

Andersen Windows for Datacad.exe - 1.88 MB

Code: Select allRevision history
2/23/07 - Added new 2007 200 Series (46) Picture, (12) Tilt Wash Double Hung & (3) Circle Top Windows.
2/20/08 - Added 400 Series (51) Springline Windows.
#35413 by joshhuggins
Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:23 pm
Patty wrote:..... I have DataCAD Version 12 now, and I downloaded your Anderson Windows symbols but they won't display as external window file types (and I got an error message that said the last one or two windows didn't save and were corrupt.) ALl the other window types are in WIN format, not DSF. The whole concept of symbols and templates confounds me anymore. Also, I download the simpson details, and they don't even show up anywhere (I gave them the standard path to my symbols where my casework and all the other old symbols are located.) Also, since updating to I think Version 10, the organized symbol display are all disorganized. Now I realize you are not tech support, but you seem to have an amazing interest and I wondered if you might offer me some insight. Thank you in advance, Josh.

Ah, yes the Andersen windows on my website are 2D elevation Datacad symbol files. They are not for use with the newer 3D smart windows, sorry. Indeed it seems the files were corrupted by my webhost,ImageImage but I have replaced the files now so you can re-download the pack. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Simpson isometric details are also symbols. The path previously used in the installer was for older Datacad versions, although it could be manually modified and installed to any location. I just updated it to install to the default v.12 folder, so if you revisit the website, the new installer should install to the default Datacad v12 symbol folder of "C:\Datacad 12\Symbols" and create a new folder called "Simpson Standard Details" or you can modify the path as you like too.

Now in Datacad you can view and insert your symbols two different ways. You can either go upto Insert, Symbol and then browse to "C:\Datacad 12\Symbols\Simpson Standard Details" and then if you have the Preview option checked you can highlight and select the symbols you would like to insert. The second method, and my preferred method would be to open the symbol browser by hitting Ctrl+T (or click View, Symbol Browser), then clicking the little folder icon and select "Folder". Browse to the folder where you installed the details (default = C:\Datacad 12\Symbols\Simpson Standard Details) and click o.k., you should now see a greater selection this way. You can adjust the symbol browsers X& Y divisions up by the folder button so you can either see more details all at once by increasing the X&Y divisions or view fewer larger details by decreasing the X&Y divisions. Click on a detail to select it to insert the symbol. You can read more about symbol insertion options in the Datacad manual from the Help menu on page 148 (page 160 in the PDF file). Hope this helps ya out. Good luck! - Josh
#35417 by pjc_architect
Wed Apr 23, 2008 5:56 pm
Thank you, Josh! I use the CTRL-T method, and do know about resizing the windows. I was just thinking about the filetypes and the files used in the smart doors and windows. They are DOR and WIN files, respectively. How on earth do I make a WIN file, say for a non-standard fixed window such as a trapezoid or circular window? I have seen them illustrated in the forum, but I don't have them available in my window unit choices. Is this something I need to create in 3D with 3D Entities? I can build a window, but saving it as a WIN is what has me confused.

P.S. Are you a minor deity or a bot? :D
#35418 by joshhuggins
Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:28 pm
pjc_architect wrote:P.S. Are you a minor deity or a bot? :D
Bot. :mrgreen:
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#41532 by jbburd
Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:58 am
Thank you for your site, i have taught my self a lot from going to your webpage (ie. making toolbars).
However, i am having problems downloading hatch patterns since you moved.
#41696 by joshhuggins
Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:19 pm
I've updated my Simpson Toolbar and Symbol Pack to include the current 2009 product line and fixed a few little buggies here and there in the toolbar.\

Side note, I still have not found a solution with my webhost on the hatch pattern issue. I'll let you know when I figure that out. Thanks.
#41988 by joshhuggins
Thu Mar 05, 2009 2:55 pm
This toolbar button is setup to use a BAT file to copy your Datacad Clipboard contents to your co-workers clipboards. It's very handy to help aid in projects where multiple people need to work in the same file and need to swap data between the main file and copies of the file.

First you will need network access to their C:\Datacad 12\Clipbooks folder.

Once you have network access to each others clipboard folders I suggest setting the following DCADWIN.INI value to maximze the number of clipboards you can use.
Code: Select all[Clipboard]

Next, create a BAT file for each user. I named ours Send2JoshH.BAT, Send2BryanC.BAT etc. You can create the BAT files where ever you like but I keep mine in the Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars folder since they are part of the toolbar "stuff".

As for the contents of the BAT file you will need to add and adjust the following line to match your user names and paths.
Code: Select allcopy "C:\Datacad 12\Clipbooks\%USERNAME%00.clipbook" "\\Josh\Datacad 12\Clipbooks\BryanC14.clipbook"
The first part of this line copies your latest clipboard (00) using the %USERNAME% environment variable that Datacad uses to create the clipboards since this will be unique for each user using the toolbar, and copies it to the path of the user you want to send the clipboard to, in this case BryanC, and names it BryanC14.clipbook. The reason we name it BryanC14 is so the clipboard contents are sent to last clipbook in Bryan's list (14) so he always know what position the sent clip is at and so we are replacing the oldest clipbook the user has. You will need to verify the path to your users folders as they can be different depending how your shares are setup.

Once you have a BAT file setup for each user, it time to add buttons to a toolbar to run the BAT files which will copy the clipboard contents over. For this we use the P code to lauch the BAt files for each user
Code: Select all[User Folders]
Hint=User Shares
Icon=Users - Folders

Hint00=Send My Clipboard to Ben
Icon00=Users - Ben
P00="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Ben.bat"

Hint01=Send My Clipboard to Bryan
Icon01=Users - Bryan
P01="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Bryan.bat"

Hint02=Send My Clipboard to Jim
Icon02=Users - Jim
P02="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Jim.bat"

Hint03=Send My Clipboard to Josh
Icon03=Users - Josh
P03="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Josh.bat"

Hint04=Send My Clipboard to Paula
Icon04=Users - Paula
P04="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Paula.bat"

Hint05=Send My Clipboard to Scott
Icon05=Users - Scott
P05="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Scott.bat"

Hint06=Send My Clipboard to Terry
Icon06=Users - Terry
P06="C:\Datacad 12\Support Files\Toolbars\Send2Terry.bat"

Once it's all setup, you just copy something to your clipboard (remember the insertion point or absolute zero), then click the Send My Clipboard to User icon , tell the user you sent them the data, and then they go to their Clipboards, pick the #14 clipboard and paste the data in any drawing they want. One thing to remember is that as soon as they copy something to their clipboard after you send them yours, they will loose the data you sent them. So remember to communicate with the user you are send the data to and make sure the paste it where it needs to go before you move on.
(Clipboard buttons are in the lower section)
#43324 by Design&CodeGuy
Sun May 31, 2009 11:12 pm
I just tonight discovered your website and cannot begin to tell you how much I like what you have created and most of all, so kindly shared!

Now I have a really dumb question. Is there a “simple” way to change the colors of the symbols before they are inserted or to globally change them without opening, changing and then resaving each one manually? I would like this so that they will be correct for my use as I insert them in the working drawings?
If there is not then I will just add an additional layer to the drawing and then change all of the hangers after they are inserted. (I already use green as a VERY heavy line. I will be using Blue for my hangers.) I don’t think “Mask” will do the trick in this case.

Again, you are an inspiration and I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your knowledge and generosity very much. :D
#43328 by Roger D
Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:12 am
You might try the Tpl_Manger Macro

B43 (Internet Deliverable)
TEMPLATE MANAGER V1.7 by John Fornaro/Design Program Associates. This macro will allow you to read a template file, create a MAP of color changes, (red to yellow, white to lt. gray, etc.) and automatically change the colors and resave the symbols associated with that template. Has on-line help. Now newly improved to map linetypes, lineweights, and line spacing AND will map colors to new linetypes. Also will now edit symbol attributes in easy fashion. For DataCAD 5 & up. $15.00

do I get referral fees? :? :?: :D
#43815 by joshhuggins
Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:31 pm
I've added my first go at UltraEdit Syntax Highlighting for Datacad files to my website. The file is saved as the newer individual syntax highlight files release with UE v.15. I believe you can just copy and paste the same code from this file into the older single file format as one of the 20 syntax highlights, but you may need to check the formatting. I have it registered just for Datacad DTB & MCR files.

UltraEdit Syntax Highlighting For Datacad v1.0 - 5.79 KB
#44497 by joshhuggins
Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:09 pm
I found a free handy little screen capture app called Snippy. It's really easy to use and is very helpful when you want to capture a screen shot of something like mapquest that doesn't always have a right click 'Save Image' option. Much faster than doing a Print Screen option and then having to crop out what you don't want with a image editing program. Just launch snippy, select the area you want, return to Datacad, Ctrl+P to paste in the image, Datacad prompts you to save the image to folder location, and then insert the image into Datacad. It takes longer to say/type than to do it :) Snippy has a few settings for capture area line colors and widths. It's a great little app. Windows Vista and Windows 7 have a built in app called Snipping Tool which does this also, but you can set snippy to stay in the system tray which is nice.

Get Snippy!
#44529 by Tony Blasio
Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:09 am
Grreat tip Josh. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 has a screen capture tool too. It allows you to capture a section of the screen by pressing the Windows Key+S. The image is copied to the clipboard and inserted into a new OneNote page.

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