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#70497 by Mark F. Madura
Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:50 am
Here are all the files and settings that are transferred during a new installation of DataCAD 19
(If you choose to transfer files and settings from the previous version that was found)

\DataCAD XX\Fonts

Report Forms:
\DataCAD XX\Report Forms

Toolbox Macros:
\DataCAD XX\Macros
*.dor (AEC Model Door Types)
*.win (AEC Model Window Types)
*.msg (Message files)
*.lbl (Label files)
*.str (3D Stairs Stair Types)

The following macros are not compatible with DataCAD 11 and later.

Estimator Link

Layer Utility

Symbol Explode

View Master

Support Files:
\DataCAD XX\Support Files
dcadwin.pat (Classic Hatch Patterns)
dcadwin.mcr (Keyboard Macros)
dcadwin.lin (Classic Line Types)
dcadwin.dca (Command-line Alias)
*.dmf (Material Files)
text.stl (Text Style (Obsolete))
wall.stl (Classic Wall Style)
*.tbl (DWG Color Mapping Tables)
*.ini (DWG Transfer Settings)
*.lit (Shader Light Settings)
dcadwintoolbars.gui (Toolbar GUI Settings)
dcadwindialogs.gui (Dialog GUI Settings)
ObjectViewer.gui (Object Viewer GUI Settings)

Dimension Styles:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Dimension Styles

Color Palettes:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Color Palettes

Program Defaults:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Program Defaults
dcadwin.ang (Default Angles)
dcadwin.dec (Default Decimals)
dcadwin.dis (Default Distances)
dcadwin.scl (Default Scales)

DataCAD XX\Support Files\Toolbars
*.* (All Files)
CST - Context-sensitive Toolbar
DTB - DataCAD Toolbar
PNG - Icon Bitmap

Hatch Patterns:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Hatch Patterns

Line Types:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Line Types

User Dictionary:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Dictionaries

Pen Tables:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Pen Tables

Default Drawings:
DataCAD XX\Default Drawings (including sub-directories)

Wall Types:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Wall Types (including sub-directories)

Door Types:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Door Types (including sub-directories)

Window types:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Window Types (including sub-directories)

Text Styles:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Text Styles (including sub-directories)

Plotter Settings:
DataCAD XX\Support Files\Plotter Settings (including sub-directories)

Sun Shader:
DataCAD XX\Sun Shader\NX\Support Files

Note: These files will not be transferred if they are located outside of the DataCAD program folder.
#70498 by Mark F. Madura
Thu Dec 22, 2016 12:01 pm
Neil Blanchard wrote:I noticed that the .DIS file I had in v18 didn't get copied to v19. It would be good as well to have the default Text Scale etc settings carried over.

The Angle, Decimal, Distance, and Scales files are stored on a per-drawing basis. So, if you've customized any of these files, they must be loaded into the drawing before you can use them. If you've customized the values via the Edit Definitions menu, the changes you make will only affect the current drawing. You need to use the Save File option to update the corresponding file on the hard drive.

Only DCADWIN.ang, DCADWIN.dec, DCADWIN.dis, and DCADWIN.scl are currently transferred. Perhaps I need to change this to *.ang, *.dec, *.dis, and *.scl?


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