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#72090 by artmanvt2000
Mon Aug 14, 2017 2:43 pm
Good day all,

I have this elaborate Sketchup 3D model we did of an interior space for a presentation to a client. Now we are working on developing the working drawing for bidding the job. I have used the 3D Hide function in Datacad to generate the exterior elevations of a building from 3D models we had generated. Does anyone know how to use the 3D Hide for creating our interior elevations from the Sketchup model. I have tried a couple different clip cube techniques and haven't had it work. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
#72094 by Mark Bell
Mon Aug 14, 2017 5:40 pm
When you used 3D Hide inside a clipcube, remember to turn on F0 ClipCube in the Hide menu. Roger's comment on using the Section tool is perhaps a better option as it appears to create a 'cleaner' HLR which can also be auto updated later if you change the model.
#72097 by Ted B
Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:43 am
Rather than use Datacad-18, for the last few years I've been using Sketchup Layout for documenting Sketchup-generated construction documents. I have the same title-blocks and fonts loaded for Datacad and Layout, and just plot them out using .PDFs as printed drawings sheets and reintegrating them as one-master-set using PDFill Tools. Using Layout preserves the "live" connection between Layout's paper-space and the model, and you control the paper-space using Sketchup views. Update the model and the Layout paper-space updates for changes and revisions. Layout's great for notes, "OK" for dimensions, but a bit of a pain for direct drafting line-work.

I'm still hoping that eventually I can do the same between Sketchup (model space) and Datacad (paper-space**), but the interface isn't there yet.*
( * - Wishlist pleading.... )
( ** - I still don't understand using Datacad in 3d-space. [hangs head in shame])

While I haven't drawn a complete set of project elevations in Datacad, I still find Datacad's greater flexibility and graphics-power better for floor plans and details. But exporting model building sections form Sketchup is still a bit wonkie, ...and not as precise. I prefer to draft sections and details directly in Datacad. For some projects I'm back to hand-drafting or sketching construction details and scanning them as .PDFs and pasting them into either Datacad or Layout. As long as they're legible and to-scale, the local building departments don't seem to care. (All my final sealed documents are either letter-size or 11x17". I haven't used 24x36" in 15-years except for hand-drawn work. It's been at-least 25-years since I worked on a 30x42" hand-drawn drawing.)

I'm still looking for a fairly intuitive 2d drafting or sketching app for my 10" tablet for quick studies and details, but I have found a good one yet. Integrating my 10" tablet and my networked PCs is still a problem since I don't have an IT Guy to solve it for me.
#72105 by artmanvt2000
Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:09 pm

Sections command worked! I had to adjust the options. By default the "background" was toggled off, which only yielded an outline of the section. With "background" on, it gave me the elevations I wanted to generate. Thanks for the help. I could never get the clip cubes to work.

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