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Grading plan trick sought

PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:03 am
by David Porter
Someone out there has probably already figured this out so I will ask the question. Is there a way to establish grade elevations for a site where they are all tied back, interactively, to a designated grade? For instance, I set the building elevation at a certain number. Then, I establish the grades for the property surrounding the building. Many times I have a septic system to deal with and that elevation drives the bus on setting the building elevation and then the surrounding grades. My grading plan is sometimes done before the health department provides the elevation for the septic system. If they raise it up higher than it was anticipated to be, then all of my grades on the entire grading plan have to manually change.

It would be a huge time saver if all of the grades outside of the building elevation number, could automatically change, up or down, as I adjust the building elevation number. So, if I raise the building up .5' then all of the other grade elevations on the plan would automatically change by .5'.

Anyone know of a technique or a macro that will allow this to occur?