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#72657 by dennisnorton
Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:30 am
For some strange reason, some of my xrefs have the wrong dimensions...
The original drawings has the following spacing: 9'-0" 9'-0" 10'-0"
The xref, which was enlarged 3.0 has the following spacing: 8'-11 29/32 8'-11 27/32 10' 0 1/4"

This is strange and I need to correct. Do you think it has to do with the enlargement factor? General Contractors now think I am anal and layout to the 1/32nd of an inch.
#72660 by joshhuggins
Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:09 pm
Your original drawing probably has rounding turned on and the drawing where the xref lives does not. The objects are probably actually drawn at 8'-11 29/32 8'-11 27/32 10' 0 1/4", but in the Dimension menu under rounding, Round It is probably turned on. I hate Rounding and always have it off in my building plans because it can lead to compounding math errors. If I have an abnormal site where there are many dimensions showing up with fractions of 1/16" or less I will sometimes turn it on in that drawing, but most of the time if there are few weird dimension that should actually be fractions of an inch but the builders don't need to know about it I manually adjust those few dimension and set the dim text or dimension lines to a different color that uses the same pen thickness so when I come back to the dimension later I know something is manually adjusted for that dim(s). In your case if the objects should be 9' & 10' I would go to the original drawing, turn rounding off and go back and fix my dimensions/plans so it's drawn accurately.

Other area this can really bite you in the butt is if you ever have to send plans to someone else. If they don't use rounding and they import your drawing, they are going to see a mess of fractional dimensions.

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