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Partial Height Opening in Smart Wall

PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 3:03 pm
by Lars
I'm attempting to show a 45 degree corner door entrance for a library and am having problems with creating a partial height opening at the two intersecting 3D exterior smart walls. I've tried to use a door object with everything turned off, but this still leaves wall cap/cut lines at the end of each wall (the corner shows a "V" ). I've also tried to create an additional 3D wall above the corner "opening" which works great in 3D view however, in 2D plan view, there appears to be a wall where there isnt one.

Can I set my plan cut height for the model so the walls above do not show?

(Architect>Openings) creates a full height void. Why isnt there a way to set Z-base and Z-height constraints for this tool? AND editing the opening after its created would be nice also.