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#77745 by George W. Burns CPBD
Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:20 pm
SOME IDIOT!!!... (probably me...) somehow set "Rattan" to a scale value of 1. Every time I roll over that pattern in the list it takes 20 seconds to load the thumbnail and then locks up the computer. I lose data since last saved, it's a whole thing. Anyway, is there a way I can change the scale of "rattan" without selecting it in the patterns list? I tried to do it in the "manage" window, but the same problem there. It just locks up the computer.
#77746 by dhs
Wed Mar 18, 2020 3:40 pm
Hello George,

I thought the setting might be in the dcadwin.pat.ini file in the support files folder .... but a quick test has failed to confirm that (i.e. changing the scale of a hatch does not appear to update this file).
Every time I roll over that pattern in the list it takes 20 seconds

Can you set the hatch scale for the pattern without scrolling over it? Although I'm sure everybody is used to using the cursor to select hatches, it should be possible to select it using the function keys without displaying the hatch in the preview window .... I can do this by pressing Shift/F1 from the hatch menu and then selecting the pattern itself also using the function keys (including Shift/F7 or Shift/F8 to scroll the list if required). Once you've set Rattan as the current hatch you should be able to change the scale?
#77747 by Mark F. Madura
Wed Mar 18, 2020 4:12 pm
Hi George,

The default scale value for Rattan is 1. You want to change the Display Scale to 12". When the preview is drawing in the Hatch Manager, you can press the [Delete] key to interrupt the redraw. Then change the display scale.

If you want to change the default values (on disk), you'll need to select Save or Save As after making the change. Otherwise, the setting will only affect the current drawing.


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