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#79658 by LizR
Wed Apr 21, 2021 9:34 am
Good Morning,
My colleague and I have been experiencing 2 problems over the past few weeks. Most recently we'll try to open another file when we already have a few open and get a fault error. Once this happens, we cannot open any other files. We have to close the program down and open the files again. Occasionally we'll be able to open a third or fourth file, but not always. The file that gave the fault usually opens just fine after the program has been restarted. We've tried running a repair to see if there was any issues with the file, but they usually come back clean.

The other issue we've been seeing is upon saving we'll get a message that there is a compression error and can't save the file. We'll hit OK and then save the file again usually without any further issues. We have had the files that suddenly become 4 times as large as they should be and then have problems with that file for a bit, but then the file size will seem to go back to normal.

We're both working from home with the files on our local computer and this will happen with files that we haven't shared with each other, so it doesn't appear to be a cross contamination issue. We're wondering if it could be an operating system error . We're running Windows 10 and know that sometimes updates will cause unintended consequences. Has anyone else been experiencing this and is there a solution?

Liz Rakich
#79660 by LizR
Wed Apr 21, 2021 2:57 pm
Hi Neil,
We are not on any server while we are working from home. All the files we are working on are hosted on our local machines. We email files back and forth most of the time or use Google Drive. Most of the time we get an Internal Diagnostic Fault 36 with error code 808, but have also gotten no error code or error code 8083. I've also seen fault 21, error code 73.

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