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#74515 by gregg kett
Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:27 pm
hi out there
im having major problems with the re-association with walls and windows and search and replace windows.
some how the drawing gets corrupted and seems to remember the previous data for the window opening in the walls and i get the new windows with the previous openings.
i have tried a fresh with new layers for the windows and new layer for the walls but they still get corrupted with the previous window opening sizes and walls not displaying properly.
it is very hard to explain the situation but it seems that the drawing remembers the original data for the windows and doesnt like to be changed.

really peeeing me off having to redraw the layers in the model only to have the same problem occur.

any help or advice is very welcome.
cheers thanks
#74516 by Mark Bell
Tue Aug 07, 2018 1:32 am
Hello Gregg,

Without knowing more some suggestions:

1. Do a file purge and tick all boxes so any unused smart entities will be removed. Open the new file and see if the problem continues,

2. DataCAD currently can't store the same door/window occupying the same space, ie. if you have been moving old design info to another layer that is turned off then insert a new door or window in the same space as the info which is turned off, sometimes the wall will display the opening to the previous door/window entity on the off layer. A way around this is to move the old info up/down on the Z-axis so it doesn't occupy the same points in space as your new doors/windows. This also applies to multi-storey designs where you have drawn the various floor levels at the same z-b/z-h where a door/window may coincide with one on another layer that is turned off. Essentially turn on all layers as you may have inadvertently copied a door or window to another layer that's turned off and this is still linked to the smart wall when you attempt to insert new doors/windows.

3. Open the Symbol Browser to the location(s) where the doors/windows are saved and check the file name is correct to what is displayed in the smart entity pulldown menus inside the drawing file,

Hope this helps.
#74523 by gregg kett
Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:20 pm
Hi Mark
Many thanks for the reply, and yes, no2, below is exactly what is happening, your description nails it. so the lesson is don't use the search /replace facility and/or the re-associate walls (windows get deleted) as it creates so much confusion. (dont know why those facilities are there if they still have bugs.)

After your comments to confirm the issue I worked around the problem by moving the suspect walls (and windows) by 1mm and it seems ok, it does mess with the dimensions , having an odd mm but im yet to see a carpenter work to within 1mm, just looks bad on the drawing.

and thanks again.
rgs Gregg
PS may be the guys at datacad can look into fixing it or explaining how to correctly use those facilities in future updates.

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