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#75922 by Mark F. Madura
Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:30 am
Eric Murray wrote:What am I doing wrong? Maybe the problem is in the grouping of the four segments or the original ellipse below.

You'll need to trace over the entire ellipse by creating one polyline. In Curves, Polyline...
- Rectangle should be toggled Off
- Closed should be toggled On
- Covered should be Off for Hatching (On for 3D Modeling)
- Object Snap to the endpoint of one of the arcs
- Select 2 Pt. Arc
- Object Snap to the center point of the arc you're about to draw
- Toggle Clockwise On or Off as needed
- Object Snap to the end point of the arc you're drawing
- You'll be prompted "Click center of arc"
- Continue by repeating these steps drawing four arcs until you get to the first point where you started
- Right-click to finish the polyline
- You should now have 1 elliptical-shaped polyline
#75923 by Eric Murray
Fri Mar 08, 2019 5:41 pm
Success! Thank you all for your help, especially Mr. Madura and Neil. I have a clear picture now of how to go about making ellipse voids in hatching! I had a little problem with the closed button, but it all worked out. Stangely enough, it seems as though the closed button toggled on or off works equally as well in some cases. Mr. Madura's last post was extremely effective in getting the results I was after; although, Neil was on the right track with his "approximate" term early on.

I might add that this was my first visit to this Forum and I was extremely impressed by all of you! I look forward to being more fully involved and helping others in the future!

Thank you all very much!

Eric Murray
#75933 by Eric Murray
Sat Mar 09, 2019 4:26 pm
One very important step to note in following this method is to object snap to the end of an arc before toggling the 2D Arc button on. When you attach to an arc beforehand, a different, smaller menu appears. Going this way seems to nix the issue of the closed toggle on or off. With the closed toggled on, it creates one complete polyline every time. That is why I was having the issue of each arc becoming a closed polyline as I was working my way around the ellipse. I was going into the polyline 2D Arc from the menu before object snapping and seemingly getting mixed results with the closed toggle on or off.

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