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#79080 by joshhuggins
Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:03 pm
I am not sure about an official French translation, but if you add the following line to your DCADWIN.INI file you can access the built-in label file editor to customize your Datacad menus. With Datacad closed, open your DCADWIN.INI file in a plain text editor like Notepad. The file should be located in your root Datacad folder. Look for the section [DEBUG]. If it does not exist, you can add it between the [DC Render] and [Dialogs] sections. Look for or add the line LabelFileEditor= and set it to TRUE so it looks like the example below. Save and close the DCADWIN.INI file. Now your Label File Editor will be enabled. Start Datacad and create a new blank drawing. Access the menu editor by going up to the drop down Edit menu and select Label File Editor. Now as you navigate the Datacad menus, the editor will adjust and you can adjust the labels as you would like. Make sure to use the Save Label button at the bottom before you leave a menu page you edited. I would suggest not getting too crazy changing menus so you don't get too far away from things in case you need help referencing something later. I would recommend using a new blank drawing to do your menu edits in. It's not often but sometimes the menu editor can crash the program so it's best to not use a working drawing file. Once the menus are updated they will stay that way.
Code: Select all[DEBUG]

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