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#82011 by joeferguson
Wed Feb 22, 2023 2:40 pm
Biggest crash ever!

I hadn't used Clipit in a while and forgot how Datacad becomes unstable when using it.

So I copied a cross section of my current project, then invoked Clipit to save a portion of the drawing for enlarging as a detail. My first keystroke was E to erase a line I didn't need---and DC crashed. So I opened the most recent Autosave, recreated my work of the past ten minutes and redid the Clipit function, saving with Ctrl-S after each keystroke.

Like a dummy, I saved the drawing immediately after using Clipit (using Save, not Save As)

When I zoomed out, I discovered that I had clipped out all my other work.

Now I can't recover anything except what you see in the attached DC21 file.

My last Save As was two days ago.

Is there any way to recreate my work up to the crash? I promise never to use Clipit again......

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#82013 by DBrennfoerder
Wed Feb 22, 2023 5:05 pm
You might open your .dbk backup file or look in your sessions folders for more recent saved copies.
#82023 by joeferguson
Sat Feb 25, 2023 11:42 am
A thing I learned about Sessions:

For 18 years I have been Saving then Exiting a file. This does NOT create a Sessions backup.

You need to Exit then Save in order to create the Sessions backup. Counter-intuitive? It is/was for me.

Time to retrain my brain. The correct procedure is in the Manual.

#82024 by dhs
Sat Feb 25, 2023 12:03 pm
You need to Exit then Save in order to create the Sessions backup. Counter-intuitive? It is/was for me.

Yes, the definition of a session is the time you have the drawing open, so you need to close it to create a session file.
You may wish to look at my dhSave macro which allows you to create date/time stamped copies of files that you save using the macro.
Also note that if you keep your drawing files on OneDrive there may be previous versions of the drawing in the OneDrive history (don't always seem to be there, but worth checking if you are using OneDrive ... )

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