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#78889 by thelogco
Thu Oct 08, 2020 8:04 am

Upgraded to 21 and there appears to be a keystroke change or two that my workflow triggers. I have figured them all out and have been retraining myself but one that still has me stumped is turning off the Drawmarks (F10 settings) / (S1 DrwMarks). It's a slight nuisance but I'm assuming if there is a keystroke I'm hitting that turns this off, there must be a key-stroke to turn it back on. Does anyone know a shortcut other then F10/S1?

#79451 by thelogco
Mon Mar 15, 2021 1:03 pm
8 months and not a single reply. Is this only happening to me?

There must be a key stroke or shortcut that is turning this off.

It's so frustrating to have to go back and turn this one fifty or sixty times a day!
#79453 by dhs
Tue Mar 16, 2021 4:16 pm
I'm probably the least qualified person to answer this as I rarely use DataCAD to do actual drawing, but as nobody else has responded I'll offer my couple of cents worth :

I have never experienced this problem and judging by the lack of responses I'm guessing that it is not a common problem. ... Is it possible that a keyboard shortcut you have previously customised is causing the problem? Perhaps you could look through the DACDWIN.mcr file to search for something that might be doing it: A shortcut that would simply toggle draw marks would be ':^F0^S1', so perhaps look through the file for 'S1' and examine any shortcuts where that occurs so see if the settings menu may be active when the S1 key is activated.

On the subject of shortcuts you could of course set up a shortcut to toggle the setting to save you having to press F10/S1. Not really a solution to your problem, and only possible if you have an existing shortcut letter that you are not using (and don't mind changing).

It is also possible that you use a custom toolbar icon that is changing the draw marks setting. I see that there are action codes for the equivalent 3D setting but I can't see any codes for this 2D setting so it seems less likely that an icon is doing it (but nonetheless you could search for 'S1' in any customised dtb files and examine any icons that use that key in a similar way to in the mcr file).
#79455 by dmartens
Wed Mar 17, 2021 2:38 pm
I guess Datacad forgot they have an 'unanswered posts' topic?! :) Or maybe no one knows the answer. The forum is not like it used to be. Good luck.

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