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#80410 by joeferguson
Wed Nov 24, 2021 6:41 pm
I just never seem to stop coming up with weird stuff going on with DataCAD.

Today I was asked by a client to revise some work I had done earlier this year. When I opened the DC21 file, the font in the title page had changed. I could live with it but the new font (same name as the old one) is much wider and the text runs off the page.

When I checked older files, I find that the change has been made universally to EVERY title page on over 100 projects going back to 2013! Fortunately the only place I use this font is on the title page, but it makes me wonder if other fonts have changed as well.

Can anyone explain how this might have happened?

The problem seems to be localized to my desktop computer. The laptop still displays the old style font. Both fonts are identified as Swiss 721 Blkoul Bt.

I have attached screenshots of both the old and the new.


Old Font August 2021.jpg
New Font Nov 24 2021.jpg
#80411 by joeferguson
Wed Nov 24, 2021 7:04 pm
Here are further developments:

I copied the (corrupted) file from my desktop to the laptop and the font displayed correctly!

The difference: my desktop computer is up to date with the latest version of DataCAD ( (PE). My laptop is NOT up to date with the latest version of DataCAD.

Could the update have caused a universal redefinition of that font?
#80412 by Roger D
Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:08 pm
I don't recognize that font so it must be a window font and I think maybe a Windows update is messing with you. I would copy the font from the laptop to your desktop and see if that correct things.
#80413 by MtnArch
Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:16 pm
I was going to suggest the same thing as Roger. If the desktop is still messed up after you copy the laptop font to the desktop it must be a Windoze "thang".
#80414 by Roger D
Wed Nov 24, 2021 8:27 pm
I would also reboot the machine before doing that, after that if the reboot doesn't fix the problem
#80422 by Ted B.
Wed Dec 01, 2021 12:07 pm
I ran into a similar problem several years ago. It wound-up that I inadvertently had two versions of the "same" .TTF-font from different sources that had the same font name, but were actually two different fonts. Depending on the vagaries of the Computer Gods one or the other would load in Windows. I found it when I deleted the font to reinstall it, and the file manager said there still was a file there...but a different size. The file manager apparently allowed both files since they were "different".

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