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#80590 by Joseph Baron
Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:46 am
From the manual:
Caution: When you group entities, DataCAD moves all entities in the group to the same layer. By definition, all entities in a group must be on the same layer.
#80591 by Roger D
Sun Jan 23, 2022 12:32 pm
Joesph is correct. But if you want to work on a multiple entities across different layers, Selection Sets are what you want to use.
You need to add them all to 1 of 8 possible selection sets, which you can also rename if that helps. When doing a move or other actions, you select the active set by using the mask feature.
You can quickly change the active Set in the Status Panel, or Alt-#.
I don't use often, but sometimes the come in handy.

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