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PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 1:46 pm
by Bob Urbanek
Last week I had a problem which required me to re-install V22. Fixed my problem, but some things changed. Fixed most of them, but previously, when I used alt -x to measure, it would default to point to point. Now I have to pick that option.How do I get it back to the way I used to have it ?


PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 2:02 pm
by dhs
You need to change the DCADWIN.mcr file in the Support Files folder:

Look for the line starting with X^. It probably reads something like 'X^26#^'. Simply add 'F4' (i.e. the PntToPnt option on the Measures menu) to the end of the line (so that it now reads 'X^26#^F4').

I think you will need to restart DataCAD after making the change for it to come into effect.

David H.


PostPosted: Mon Dec 06, 2021 6:41 pm
by Bob Urbanek
Thanks, David. I knew that I had set that up, way back when, but I forgot how to do it. Working now. Even though it's a small thing, you get into your own routines and little inconveniences become major.