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#80609 by Mark Bell
Wed Jan 26, 2022 6:22 pm
DBrennfoerder wrote:Just had my current file open and thought I'd check on xRef's; seemed ok, and then clicked "ok" and DataCAD crashed as before. File gone, DataCAD on screen but unresponsive; had to use Task Manager to kill it.

Now you've brought up the issue with xref's the continuous file crashing sort of makes sense as I've had a number of projects with the same diagnosis. I use xrefs/self-xrefs a lot for their convenience but, when a file crashes there is a good probability that the xref(s) get corrupted. A usual tell tale sign is the drawing file size begins to increase with each file crash. I've outlined a recovery method we use on the Forum in the past. A quick option to test this is to use the File/Repair Tool and turn off load xrefs and see if the file works okay without any xrefs loaded. If it does, then the problem is with an xref layer(s).

A way to get an idea which xref layers may be corrupted is to save out each xref layer as a DLF (old LYR) and then check their file size. Typically a 'normal' xref is around 8kb - 24kb; if the size is larger, into to mB then that xref is likely corrupted as a result from the file crashing. Dave G. explained it to me some years ago when I fist encountered the problems, from memory, something along the lines of when a file is open which has an xref(s), if the file crashes then the open xref is unable to save to disk and results in it getting corrupted.

A way to fix a problem xref layer is to tab to that layer, then erase the layer contents then recreate the xref again by importing it. A way to avoid the need to repair/rebuild xrefs is to save out the DLF's early on in a project periodically, then if you encounter a problem file crashing because of xrefs you can tab to the xref layer and import and replace the DLF to what it was when it was working correctly (you may have to turn on/off any new layers created after the original DLF was saved). Using the File/Purge to create a new drawing and then working from the newer drawing also allows you to keep an efficient/'clean' drawing and have earlier files to go back to where you can save out working xref layers to import and replace into a the current file with problem xrefs. Hope this helps.
#80610 by DBrennfoerder
Wed Jan 26, 2022 6:38 pm
No better, Josh. I turned off the layer manager (correct, I do remember dealing with a layer manager issue a while back; forgot about that) and then tried to modify layers in my xref via that manager, changed some layers, then clicked "apply". Crash. File closed without save; GUI left on screen but unresponsive. Needed Task Manager (about 20th time today) to clear the GUI so I could restart DataCAD, reload my file and try to make progress again.
#80611 by DBrennfoerder
Wed Jan 26, 2022 6:42 pm
Mark, I'll try some of that tomorrow, but my file is only 253K at the present; really don't think I'm stacking issues with each crash, but I could easily be wrong.
#80728 by DBrennfoerder
Mon Mar 14, 2022 9:00 am
By trial an error, I couldn't find the solution, so I've been using v21 since I had the issue; no crashes there. Clay and I worked on trying to figure out what caused the problem, maybe a Windows update; just really don't know and didn't have the time to figure it out. V21 works well for me.

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