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#81523 by Joseph Baron
Sat Sep 24, 2022 5:05 pm
The modeling files that DataCAD installs are old I know but I'm not having much luck getting the AEC_MODL macro to load WIN or DOR files.

All of the parameters are set to 0 after loading a WIN file and the files themselves do contain distance parameters.

I'm looking to learn more about the 3D capabilities of DataCAD (page 160 of manual) but is AEC_MODL.dcx obsolete?

I see that there is also AEC_Model.dmx file but that does not save or load window or door files. It also does not save the previously entered distances if entered in the Window Data Form.

Can anyone load WIN or DOR files in the AEC_MODL.dcx macro?
#81526 by dhs
Sun Sep 25, 2022 8:13 am
Hi Joseph,

I haven't looked at the AEC_Model macro for about a quarter of a century, but I've just done a basic quick test of it. Being a classic (single precision) macro there are issues with saving distances for metric users (e.g. I saved casing thickness as 25mm in a window file, but it comes up as 24.999997162819 when I load the file), but the basic save and load of window files appears to be working ok for me in Dcad 22 (I haven't tried door files).

The source code of the macro is available at, so you may be able to look at that to work out what is going on for you? (not certain if the code is the latest version - the most recent date in the download file is September 2000 but it would not surprise me if that was the latest).


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