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#81783 by Tim Mohr
Wed Dec 07, 2022 5:43 pm
So my favorite obsession, helplines, have developed a new wrinkle. I do a delete all using the helpline manager but it just looks like they are gone:). As soon as I try to offset/edit a line that is drawn on top of a former helpline the helpline resurfaces and no more editing to be done. Only way I can get rid of the helpline then is to close the file and re-open - kinda slows things down. I have learned never to delete a helpline directly as that is likely to precipitate a crash...
#81785 by Roger D
Thu Dec 08, 2022 3:10 pm
I use the following command line alias to delete help lines.

comment=delete Helplines

3022# Save File
3026# Regen Display List

The key is to save the file and regen "U" the display to get rid of those ghost helplines.

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