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#82911 by Mark F. Madura
Mon Apr 08, 2024 5:24 pm
Dear BETA Testers,

I'm pleased to announce DataCAD 23.00.02 Release Candidate 15 is now available for testing.

Update Installer
DataCAD Update Installer

Full Installer
DataCAD Full Installer

DataCAD Changes:

- Recent File & Folder names longer than 60 characters are now minimized for display on the pull-down menu.

- In addition to sorting, the DCADWIN.ini file is now checked for missing, obsolete, and duplicate entries on program exit. Any or all of these tasks can be disabled by setting the corresponding key in the [DCADWIN.ini] section of DCADWIN.ini to False.

Code: Select all[DCADWIN.ini]
Add Missing On Exit=True
Remove Duplicates On Exit=True
Remove Obsolete On Exit=True
Sort On Exit=True

- New icons have been added to indicate TTF and SHX fonts in the Font Dialog and other drop-down lists that display both TrueType and DataCAD fonts.

- The type (TTF or SHX) of the currently selected font is now displayed next to the font name in the Font Dialog.

- Changes have been made to the message handler for the Symbol Browser to address the 'Scroll inactive windows while hovering over them' setting that was introduced in Windows 10. In Windows 10, this feature is Off by default. In Windows 11, this feature is On by default. The scroll wheel should now work to scroll the symbols in the Symbol Browser regardless of whether this setting is on or off.

- 'Natural' sorting has been implemented in the Symbol Browser to be congruous with Windows Explorer. So, MySymbol_1 will appear before MySymbol_10 and so on. To enable this feature, set the key, Use Natural Sorting, to True in the [Symbol Browser] section of DCADWIN.ini.

Code: Select all[Symbol Browser]
Use Natural Sorting=False

- The logic that was used to extract the filename for display in the title bar of the Pen Table Dialog had adverse effect of using the pen table path from the INI file instead of the actual location of the loaded pen table. In cases where the INI file path was different from the source path, the OK button would save the file to the INI path. In addition, the load button would open the INI file path instead of the source path. This has been corrected so the fully-qualified name is used if it exists. Otherwise, the currently configured path or the default path & pen table will be used.

- Added a new key to enable the display of the fully-qualified Pen Table name in the title bar of the Pen Table Dialog. Names that are too long to fit within the available caption area will be minimized to show the beginning and end of the filename.

Code: Select all[Pen Table Dialog]
Show Full Path In Titlebar=False

- The icons in the Batch Printing Progress Dialog have been refreshed.

- The Batch Printing Progress Dialog now reports the time to print and vectors per second for each page and the total print job.

- The External Batch Printing Dialog now indicates 'From Drawing(s)' as the destination printer.

- In the previous release candidate, a default value for the Default Input Mode key in the [General] section of DCADWIN.ini was mistakenly set to 2 which is the program default (Relative Cartesian Input). However, this key overrides the current setting in the drawing when it is opened. If the last input mode were different, it would get set to Relative Cartesian each time the drawing was reopened. This has been corrected.

- The default value of the 'Reload Entity Properties On New Stream' key in the [PDF] section of DCADWIN.ini is now True. This addresses a problem where entities following bitmaps would not print using the correct properties.

- The key, Get Default From Windows, in the [Printer] section of DCADWIN.ini can be set to True so DataCAD will automatically use the Windows Default Printer in new drawings. If a default printer can be found, you will not be prompted to select a printer the first time you enter the Print menu.

Code: Select all[Printer]
Get Default From Windows=False

- The method that was being used to scale the PText / MText, Material Settings, and Material Assignments dialogs for Dpi Awareness could cause DataCAD to crash during a Dpi-related resize event. This has been corrected.

- When maximizing or restoring the o2c Quick or Object Viewer window with Dynamic Resizing set to False (the default), the display was not being recalculated. This has been corrected.


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