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#76381 by pjdixit
Tue May 14, 2019 10:01 am
The workflow for architects is very slick. Simply click the “See in Twinmotion” button in Revit or ArchiCAD and the entire project is synchronised in Twinmotion in a few seconds. Once the data has been brought in, it’s easy to use and even novices are able to create compelling output with ease, including images, panoramas, videos and 360° videos." - ... -away-free


I would love to build similar functionality in DataCAD.

I have been developing pieces to make it happen with CADFlux 3D Visualization engine ( which we are developing in-house at Dixit Systems. It is in early stages but you can get a glimpse of how it works with some sample files -




#76405 by Mark Bell
Sun May 19, 2019 10:43 pm
This appears similar to Lumion and has become very popular over here to the point many flythroughs now look similar ...obviously, given they all build the scenes from the same asset libraries! From a design to presentation point of view, it certainly saves time and allows quick changes to be seen instantly. For other DataCAD users it's worth noting that Twinmotion works well with DataCAD models including smart entities. All the textures/materials assigned to smart entities and O2C transfer through using several formats (DXF, 3DS, SKP, STL) allowing a design to be quickly populated from the various library objects available. I can see the industry heading this way quickly as I'd guess most offices are short on time and resources so software like this allow you to keep up with demand.

"I would love to build similar functionality in DataCAD." - I'd like you to do that too :D

Your own Dixit Systems site looks interesting, though I wasn't able to do anything with the models loaded - they appeared to be just images?

Something to keep in mind, when progressing a project there is the upfront presentation aspect and the construction documentation end of it, which in reality, is the bigger portion of the project drawings and time frame. I don't know whether you have access to the O2C code, but being able to insert an O2C model on a MSP sheet inside DataCAD, then have the output PDF include a window where the O2C model can be viewed, would be very useful. It would allow 3D details to be added to construction drawings. These are presently done as static JPG's or HLR's. Giving the contractor the ability to manouevre around in the O2C window would be a better way to allow the information to be viewed from multiple angles, and then printed by the user. Maybe output to an animated GIF could be an alternative? Keep this in mind when developing your own viewer that connects to DataCAD as it gives us more options in how to use it.

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