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#81905 by DBrennfoerder
Fri Jan 27, 2023 8:01 pm
Is there a setting that allows me to see all comments on the forum? Since there is no longer a DBug digest, I don't see any comments at all unless there is a comment to something that I've posted. I rarely post any more and don't often take a moment to just come here to see what's happening.
It would be nice to get a memo when a comment on any subject is made so I might participate or learn something new.
#81906 by joshhuggins
Sat Jan 28, 2023 12:48 am
Hi Dwight! Couple of options you can use to probably get this just how you like it.

1. You can subscribe to everything on the forum by visiting the forum home page, clicking 'Welcome DBrennfoerder' and the selecting Account Settings. In the Account Settings page, click the Board Preferences tab and then click 'Edit Post Notifications options'. There are several settings here where you can easily get notified about everything that goes on here on the forum, or you can dial it down a bit and be a bit more granular when used with the options in tips #2 & 3 below.
2. You can subscribe to any top level forum sections by clicking on the forum section title, for example, "Cheap Tricks" and then when that section opens, you should see an eye icon, most likely towards the upper right side of the page, which should say 'Subscribe forum' when you hover your mouse over it. Click that icon and you will then be subscribed to notifications for individual section and all threads and comments added to it.
3. You can subscribe just to individual topics similar to tip #2, by viewing a topic and again clicking the eye icon to subscribe to it.

You can unsubscribe to forum sections or topics by re-clicking the eye icon respectively for each. You can also manage all your subscriptions by going to your Account Settings, Overview tab, Manage subscriptions.

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