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#63303 by MtnArch
Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:10 am
... in different ways. Some of us compete in the residential arena, some in the commercial arena ... some of us straddle both worlds, though in the lower fringes of both - everyone trying to eek out a living and emerge from the economic doldrums profitable and stronger (whenever the economy decides to emerge!).

I'm wondering how many of us are REALLY willing to help other Dcad'rs who have gotten projects (or are trying to land them) who may need some guidance or advice on landing or completing them. I'm not talking about direct competitors (in the same geographic area, for example) but some who are pursuing projects (for example) on the West Coast who have not done a C-store, or a Fast Food restaurant, or an Automobile Dealership, or .... (you get the idea) but need to ask a few questions of those who have had experience in that genre. Someone who would be willing to say "Watch out for (this or this)", or "I was bit by not addressing (thus or such)", or "You should go (here) to find the equipment that you'll need to deal with".

I've always felt that I should "pay it forward" whenever I find someone who needs some advice. I've been blessed with employers, other architects, other drafters, general contractors, sub-contractors, etc., who have been open with advice and guidance to help guide me along my life's professional path, and I've always tried to do the same for others. Whether it's a "hard-and-fast rule" or simply a rule-of-thumb I've learned so much from so many!

Is this an area that we (as DC users) would be willing to step forward to offer advice to other DC users? I don't see this as offering this in a public way - more of a private PM request that we can respond to (or not) as WE choose. Maybe this could be a service of DC LLC as part of the subscription service - a private area that you can access to ask questions as long as you are an SE subscriber.


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