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#64756 by MtnArch
Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:00 pm
... that you haven't upgraded to V16 ...

... please, PLEASE, **PLEASE** realize that if one of your (one/two/three/beyond old versions) drawings happens to have issues, you would be SCREWED ROYAL if Dcad LLC wasn't still around - and if you are asked to **PAY** them to RESURRECT your OLD version file you should thank your lucky stars that Dcad LLC is still around to offer this!

If everyone who has a legal version of Dcad would upgrade (and keep at least ONE (if not ALL) license(s) upgraded every year!) no one would ever have to worry about old (or corrupt) files. Where would **ANY** of us be if Dcad LLC were to cease operations - **HOW** would you be able to open your old files THEN?!?!

I know I'm preaching to the choir on this one for the most part, but c'mon people - the alternatives cost **SO** much more to either translate into (or worse ... RE-DRAW into!!) another program that the cost to upgrade to the current V16 (soon V17) will **PALE** compared to what little you will spend to stay with DataCAD!

(off my soap box, again ... for a day or two!!!)

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