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#72607 by Ted B
Fri Nov 03, 2017 12:14 am
Just to pass along a warning... I have a failing NuVision 10.1" Android WiFi tablet that the battery started to fail in, and I was already planning to replace it as the 5-hr battery now lasts maybe-10-minutes unplugged. The *curse'd* battery is hardwired-in and the case is not designed to be opened to replace the battery. ...I just got it for Xmas 2016, so it didn't even last a year. **grrrr!!**

Just overnight today, the battery swelled and forced the case open all along the right side-seam 1/8-inch wide from top-corner-to-bottom corner. I could see underside of the display, and how it curved-out the back of the tablet significantly. I was going to continue using it this way since it was still working, but something nagged at me...

Looking this up I discovered that it's swelling due to TOXIC GASES building-up in the sealed battery itself. I immediately backed it's files onto my PC and erased any compromising or business files; then unplugged it and placed it in a zip-lock gallon-bag and deposited it my tool-shed until I can take it to be disposed-of. Apparently it can vent toxic gasses or even catch-fire if you just throw it away in the regular curb-side trash or the recycling.


I have cats and an elderly parent at-home, I don't need the drama, sickened cats, ...or the threat of fire in the house!!

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