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#14402 by mikesmith
Wed Oct 18, 2006 9:38 pm
October 8, 2006

Announcement from AEC CAD Exchange:

It has been several months since anything significant has happened with
our web site. But we're back, and hopefully you'll find the site even
better than before. Let's call it Version 2.0.

The most notable change is the site's address. The site extension is
now .NET instead of .COM. There is a very long and ugly story there,
but let's just say that someone is "squatting" on the .COM address (the
old address is alive, but not active, and not supported by us at all).
When we get the issue resolved you'll be able to access the site with
either .NET or .COM. But for now please use the new address:

Our contact email is:

So what is new on the site?
1. We have a new web developer and we can't say enough good things about
2. We have full access to our database now, so to our surprise we have
found there are nearly 300 registered users to the site! We hope all of
you will begin to re-participate in the site. If you had already
registered on the previous site you don't need to re-register.
3. The site should now be fully functional, with no major missing pieces
(if you find any bugs please let us know).
4. Registering for the site automatically registers you for the Online
Forums (no separate registration required). To do this we are using
different software for the Forums, so you are going to see a different
look. Some of the text on the main Forums page is still being edited,
but everything is functioning.
5. The entire web site interface has been revamped.
6. The file upload process should be more obvious and user friendly (if
you don't agree, please let us know how we can improve the process).
7. There is a new "Announcements" banner on the individual pages.
8. Each detail uploaded is now assigned a unique number, making it
easier to identify a specific detail. This will be especially important
when there are hundreds or thousands of details on the site.

What has stayed the same on the site?
1. It's still free.
2. We still want the site to grow with hundreds or even thousands of
3. We still need YOU to make the site successful. If you don't upload
your details, then neither will the next person. No details; no web
site. No web site; no place for you to potentially access hundreds or
thousands of other details.

What's coming in the future for the site?
1. We are now able to accept advertising to support the site, and to
keep it free to all the users. Placements will be visible for
advertisers, but not obtrusive or overwhelming to the site's users.
2. We will be getting the word out to various industry magazines and
online media. If anyone has some ideas for whom we might want to
contact, please feel free to drop us an e-mail.

We look forward to serving you.

Michael Smith
AEC CAD Exchange

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