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#72884 by Ted B
Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:41 am
Anyone tried Datacad on the massive Dell Canvas? It has a horizontal touch-sensitive 27" graphic-display with a pressure-sensitive digital pen for graphic artists using Photoshop and other graphic editing software. There are a few interesting YouTubes showing it being used.

With handwriting-recognition it might be just like working on paper the traditional-way.
I'm intrigued, but it's expensive just as a graphics tablet. But not unreasonable compared to buying another PC workstation for the studio-office. Being able to work directly on the drawings for design sketch and construction drawings like we do when it's pencil-on-paper the "old way" has been one of the Holy Grails for design Architects for decades since CAD came out. Connected to a Tower PC workstation configured for CAD work, it might be immensely-powerful ... or a nightmare. ... 3743305071

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