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#80898 by Nick Pyner
Sat May 07, 2022 12:48 am
My Logitech M705, which I have hated since the day I bought it, has finally decided that it will never snap again. I want a five-button mouse, preferably as close to the original Intellimouse Explorer as possible, so I bought this on eBay for $20 but it turns out to be too good to be true.

The blurb specifically states that the side buttons are programmable and a disk is provided to do that, but they are not and there is no disk.

Not having the side buttons I want when I want them is driving me nuts, but I don't actually use them in DataCad. Indeed the mouse works just fine in DataCad as it comes out-of-the-box. There is a resolution adjustment that I have bothered with. The buttons are good, and it is just such of a relief to have something that snaps properly.
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#80900 by Nick Pyner
Sun May 08, 2022 12:17 pm
It's a no-name, hence the picture, but I now understand that it is the best-selling mouse on Amazon. It is common on eBay.

It seems to be excellent for DataCad. The side buttons don't do anything, but that's better than doing something you don't want by accident. It uses a single AA and has auto power-off, which is not hard to get used to.

The supplier gave me a 50% refund and I get to keep the mouse.
#80925 by Neil Blanchard
Wed May 18, 2022 2:52 pm
Hi Nick,

I would suggest one of these:

The Model O - the first link - is an ambidextrous design, and the Model D is a right handed design.
#80928 by joshhuggins
Wed May 18, 2022 3:09 pm
I DO NOT recommend the Corsair Dark Core RGB if you are looking at wireless mice. The comfort and weight is nice and why I bought it but the battery life is horrible! I don't use any of the fancy lights at all and the thing needs to be charged at least once a week. It does support Qi charging which is nice, but I never remember to put it on the pad. My old Logitech G602 would last for months on a pair of AAs even on the high polling rate. . . . what the heck, I just dug out my old G602 and replaced my Corsair Dark Core. :lol:
#80944 by Ted B.
Fri May 20, 2022 9:20 pm
I've been using the 5-button Kensington Pro-fit mouse or one of it's relatives for years....
I buy the hardwired USB kind just because I got tired of losing mice. The two side buttons are <left-click> and <back>. Nothing fancy. I keep a piece of copy paper or graph paper taped to the glass top of my desk for the laser-sensor. I found both laser mice and wheeled mice have problems on a clean glass surface...and I don't like mousepads.

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