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#81399 by Mark Bell
Mon Aug 22, 2022 3:53 am
Giuseppe Barberio wrote:
Mark Bell wrote:Why not just use DataCAD's own PDF Merge feature? It's free with DataCAD and you can use it without opening a drawing on other PDF's.

Hi Mark,

Where is the free DCAD merge command? I’m not familiar with it.
I’m currently using DCAD 22.

With respect to my earlier post about PDF editing, I’m really looking for something that I can use to mark up drawings easily. When having meetings with clients, I would like to be able to create a digital mark up of drawings as a record of my client meeting


Joseph's post has answered the first bit on where to find PDF Merge. Also check the What's New PDF in the Help menu on how these options work.

Depending on your budget and time to learn new software etc., we have used a number of alternative ideas over the years including simply bringing the PDF's into PowerPoint and then using its features to quickly markup and then create a bound PDF within PowerPoint to distribute at the end.

If you prefer to do hand markups on paper, which may be quicker and more flexible, then just scan these to PDF at the end of the meeting and collate with DataCAD's PDF Merge or similar. Your photocopier or scanner might also bind to PDF as well.
#81402 by MtnArch
Mon Aug 22, 2022 9:24 am
I have not used it on any Apple products, and I don't know anyone that does - but I'm sure there are others either here or friends of others that have and can comment on it.

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